Cheltenham Screenwriters’ Festival 2009


Cheltenham Screenwriters’ Festival starts on Monday (26.10), bringing together hundreds of screenwriters, producers, directors, agents, and sales agents for four days of seminars, discussions and networking. has kindly published articles to help writers get the most out of the festival.

Among some of the most notable guests are Armando Iannucci (author of The Thick of It, In the Loop), Simon Beaufoy (writer of The Full Monty and Slumdog Millionaire), Tony Grisoni (writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Red Riding trilogy), Doug Chamberlin (writer of Toy Story 2), James Schamus (CEO of Focus Features, producer of Brokeback Mountain), Robert Jones (producer of The Usual Suspects), people from Ealing Studios, Warner Brothers, Working Title, BBC, Channel 4, Optimum Releasing, lots of production companies and agencies.  There will be Speed Dating with Producers and Agents, Script Market, public events, and an EuroScript clinic for screenplays in need of a feedback fix.

More on the Festival website.


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