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THE POLAR BOY (in development)
Feature film
Writer: Anu Aun
Company: Luxfilm

Working title THE POLICEMAN (in development)
Feature film
Writers: Leana Jalukse, Jan Kaus
Company: Meteoriit

FAÇADE (in development)
Feature film
Director: Kaupo Kruusiauk
Co-writers: Kaupo Kruusiauk, Jan Kaus
Company: Allfilm (Estonia)

Short film
Writer-Director: Sergei Kibus
Produced at BFM

Feature film
Rent or watch online:
Writer-Director: Mike Dawson
Company: Five Frames Left (UK)

Short sci-fi animation
Screenwriters: Andrzej Lichota, Rafał Stanowski (Poland)

Feature film
Director: Ain Mäeots
Co-writers: Ain Mäeots, Toomas Tilk
Company: Exitfilm (Estonia)

RED MERCURY (feature film, 2010)
Screenwriter: Andres Anvelt
Director: Andres Puustusmaa
Company: Taska Film (Estonia)

EXCHANGE (short film, 2010)
Screenwriter: Anu Aun
Company: Luxfilm
Winner of numerous awards
See website 

BIBENDUM (short film, 2009)
Screenwriter-Director: Augustas Liiv
Company: Average Monkey / London Film School

HOW TO LOSE YOURSELF (feature film screenplay, unproduced)
Screenwriter: Mike Dawson
Company: Anonymous Room

THE CAR (short film, unproduced)
Screenwriter-Director: Kristjan Sarv
Company: Average Monkey

HOW TO KISS A DEAD GIRL (short film, 2009)
Screenwriter-Director: Monica Bravo
Company: Kuukulgur / Widescreen / London Film School

THE SECOND COMING (short film, 2008)
Screenwriter-Director: Tanel Toom
Company: Allfilm

INDIGO ROOM (short film, 2007)
Screenwriter-Director: Any Aun
Company: Luxfilm

I DECIDE TODAY (short film, 2008)
Screenwriter-Director: Moonika Siimets
Company: Kuukulgur Film

THE NIGHT (short film, 2007)
Screenwriter-Director: Jaanis Valk

THE NIGHTMARE (short film, 2005)
Screenwriter-Director: Mart Arjukese
Company:  Parunid & Vonid

FREQUENCES (short film, 2005)
Screenwriter-Director: Priit Pääsuke
Company: Parunid & Vonid

DEUS EX MACHINA (short film, 2005)
Screenwriter-Director: Moonika Siimets
Company: Parunid & Vonid

THE  HOURGLASS FIXER (short film, 2004)
Screenwriter-Director: Anu Aun
Company: Exitfilm

THE LAST NIGHT (short film, 2003)
Screenwriter-Director: Mart Arjukese
Company: 4Fun


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